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Avi Cohen
Avi J. Cohen

In addition to the positions above, I am a member of the Institute for Research on Learning Technologies (IRLT), am a Life Fellow of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, and hold a PhD in Economics from Stanford University. You can find out more about my professional interests below.

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Two principles inform all of my teaching. First, my objective is not to teach students what to think about economics, but rather, to teach them how to think about economics. Facts and formulas can always be looked up in books. The true function of a university education is to develop students' abilities to think critically and analytically. Second, my pedagogical objective is not to improve my teaching, but rather, to improve student learning. This objective shifts the focus away from "covering the material" to creating an atmosphere conducive to learning. More >>>

The courses I teach regularly are Introduction to Micro/Macroeconomics and History of Economic Thought. I have received the York University-Wide Teaching Award for Full-Time Faculty and a 3M Teaching Fellowship, Canada's most prestigious teaching award for educational leadership.

My main research interests are in the history of economics and student learning. I have written extensively about capital theory and capital controversies in the history of economics, and the methodological implications for economic theory in general.

My research on teaching extends to improving student learning through integrating writing into the curriculum, creating interactive environments in large lectures and exploring uses of new technologies to enhance learner-centred education. More >>>